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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

I just want to thank you for your help with this, I have never had to file a claim of any sorts. I appreciate your patience and advice with me

Thank you Kevin for your quick response and great work. My building hasn’t looked this clean in so long! Much appreciated 



Thanks so much! You were more kind and people like you are not easy to find. I really appreciate the new counter top and your easy going personality. Lots of luck to your company. 


Thank you Kevin for taking care of a very sensitive situation!

Kevin and the team at SERVPRO spent an entire day assisting in the construction of the new playground at the Spaulding school.  We could not have done the work with out their help!


Thanks so much, you were more than kind. People like you aren't easy to find!

I really appreciate the counter top and your easy going personality.  Lots of luck with your company!

Joan Gildort